Countryside Walking around Thurleigh

The footpath volunteer group, or to give them their official title EIN (Environmental Improvement Network) have again been busy clearing countryside rights of way in Thurleigh.

Over the last few weeks a number of Footpaths have been cleared. These include the Path leading from the Village Hall, down past the School, turning right out past the Treatment Works, all the way up and round the Reservoirs. The Reservoirs are a lovely spot to be on the long evenings we are enjoying at the moment. There are a couple of benches for you to sit and enjoy the sights and sound of wildlife. The birdsong as the sun goes down is worth a visit on it’s own.

The Bridleway round the Airfield Perimeter fence has also been cut as part of the Borough Council Bi Seasonal cut.
Back into the centre of the village, both paths either side of The Jackal have been cut.

Heading out the other way starting opposite the Jackal by the rear of the Church, this footpath has now been opened up leading towards Scald End. This makes a nice walk to Scald End Farm, so why not head out that way and enjoy a coffee and cake before heading out on other paths in the vicinity. There is an walk that will take you into Bedford with hardly a road in sight. There is now a Information Board near the Bus Stop which shows the paths and Bridleways and points of interest within the Parish.

Heading up Whitwick Green road 200 metres or so, a footpath on the left has been opened up and leads to the Windmill. At an intersection after the hedgerow, the path on the left, which leads back down to the start of the High Street adjacent to the old Post Office has also been cut.

A great deal of effort has gone into clearing these paths. As implied, Rights of Way are ours by right, so please make use of them. This is a great place to live with some smashing countryside, just go and enjoy.

Apart from the Volunteers, we are also grateful to the support from the Parish Council, and Martin Towler on the Borough Council for funding our equipment, without which, none of this work could be undertaken.

We are always looking for Volunteers to help us with our work. Please see our contact details on or send an e mail to
Ian Soaft (Chair Thurleigh EIN)


The Parish of Thurleigh

Thurleigh stands on a 250ft high plateau, said to be the largest in England. The parish consists of about 3,400 acres of clay soil.

About 750 people live in the village in about 250 dwellings. The village is spread across 5 ends - Church End, Cross End, Scald End, Backnoe End and Park End - that cover an area of about 6 square miles.

Community life continues to thrive with regular events held at the Village Hall, the Church, the Playing Field Club and the (soon to reopen) Jackal Public House.


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